The iconic British police car restored to her original Nottingham Constabulary spec. this “radio car” has the correct “Winkworth Bell” (known as a “gong”), illuminated police signs, radio handset and whip roof aerial.

Please note all the above items are all removable if the car is required for non-Police filming or photoshoots.

It is finished in liquid Black bodywork and Dark Brown leather interior, she has a large rear cabin and boot for plenty of actor/star and equipment space.

These are iconic classic cars used in countless film and TV shows throughout the decades, and ours is in fantastic condition and period correct.

Wolseley 6/80’s in both Police and private guise have been used in modern period productions such as ‘The Crown’, ‘Doctor Who’, ‘Call the Midwife’ and ‘Granchester’.

The car is available of Film, TV, Video, photoshoot and Action Car use.