1951 Wolseley 6/80 Police Car Trivia

Issued to Nottingham City Constabulary in 1951 the 6/80’s served until late 1956/57
by which time the few survivors not already disposed of had been taken off main line duties and were training/communications vehicles – which probably means relegated to
taking the internal mail around the various Police Stations!

Nottingham City Constabulary origins:


Sir Robert Peel the then Home Secretary gets the Metropolitan Police Act
Through Parliament and the Metropolitan Police established in London.
The City of London (aka “The Square Mile”) remains outside Metropolitan boundaries
and continues to operate law enforcement via The Bow Street Patrols or the Bow St. Runners as they were known.

Also maintaining a “police” force under their own control were the magistrates utilising
Constables or “beadles” and the River Police again remained a self determining body.


All “independent” London forces come under Metropolitan Police control.


The City of London introduces its own Police force along Metro. lines
remaining an independent force to this day.


Nottinghamshire starts its own force although separate town/rural council based
forces in Nottingham, Newark-on-Trent and Retford had existed in varied form since 1836.

Retford Borough Council force becomes part of the Nottingham County force.


Nottingham Borough Police sets up its first C.I.D. section.


1st Special Constables appointed as many serving officers volunteer for military


Nottingham (by this time a City) recruits it’s first woman constable.


Nottingham first in the country to utilise “walkie-talkie” radios.


Nottingham first provincial force to open a forensic science laboratory.


Newark Borough Police (independent since formation in 1836) amalgamates with Nottingham Constabulary.


Nottinghamshire Police formed by merger of all county and City Police forces.

Why are London’s Bobbies sometimes called “Old Bill” there are many theories put forward (about thirteen so far – none of which are any better or worse than the other and all plausible). One we like best is the L.C.C. (London County council) at one time registered all Police, Fire and Ambulance vehicles with letter prefix BYL this also applied to the original “Flying Squad” (the “Sweeny”) cars which, when spotted led to the cry “watch out it’s a BYL” or “ The Old Bill.”