1958 & 1960 Vanden Plas Princess DM4 Limousine

IN 1947 Austin introduced two luxury motor cars, the A120 series Austin Sheerline which was designed towards the end of WWII and the A135 series designed during 1945/1946.

The Sheerline retained the large P100 type headlights whilst the A135 had the standard 7” headlights “frenched” into the wings a design which became standard throughout the 1950’s to 1970’s. Both were capacious cars and were either owner driver or Chauffeur driven.

The A135’s were classed as DS1 thru DS6 (1947 to 1959) with changes to body and trim as each model was announced although engine development only changed from the 3 litre engine being bored out to 4 litre which then became the standard unit for all DS and DM variants.

In 1952 a long wheelbase version with extra occasional seating (raising seating to six/seven plus the driver) was announced, with only a few changes the basic bodyshell remained in production until 1968 when it was replaced by the Daimler DS420 Limousine.

Although production ceased in 1968 two fully spec’d Dm4’s were retained by the factory and delivered to The Royal Mews in 1972 for use of the Royal Family.

One is now on public view at Sandringham Castle. It was this car that was ambushed in the Mall in March 1974 in a failed attempt to kidnap HRH Princess Anne who was returning from a formal event. During the ensuing struggle both the Chauffeur and the Royal bodyguard were shot and wounded before the assailant was overcome.

The DM4’s were the mainstay of the executive and private hire firms right to the end
Of production and a few {like our two examples} continue to give sterling service as classic Bridal cars.