We own a Large collection of Vintage and Classic film action prop cars in a wide variety of styles and eras covered. Whenever your production or shoot is set – we have a car for the period!

Having been involved in the Film, TV and wedding sectors since the 1980s, Arrow Vintage Cars are a professional vintage and classic car hire company based in Essex. We have a collection of excellent period correct condition cars ranging from the 1960’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s for Film/TV action and background use.

Please contact us so we can help further. We work closely with grips, art departments and other crew members to meet production needs. All our action cars have either large interior space and/or large boot space for cast, actors, crew, camera placement and sound equipment. We have vast experience in period dramas and large movies alike, and can assist all departments with historical knowledge of both the cars & their attributes, and the period of the period of the production itself.

Our collection are hugely stylish cars that makes a big impact on screen, and a great addition to any kind of production or photoset.

Our privately-owned collection of 22 authentic cars in total has been built up over many years and contains some extremely rare vehicles. In some instances, we hold the only known survivors of a particular make or model. In particular, we are very fortunate in owning a 1930 Pierce-Arrow Limousine used by US President Herbert Hoover.


  • Endeavour
  • Thanks For the Memories
  • Winnie The Pooh – The World’s Most Famous Bear
  • Hustle
  • Eva’s Legacy
  • The View (Music Video)
  • Various still photo shoots and advertising publications internationally.

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