This very attractive two-seater sports car is such an iconic British car from the 1970’s and 1980’s. They were very popular Sports convertibles of the time, and were real competitors to the infamous MGB – and frequently outsold.

Ours is finished in her iconic British Racing Green with Black vinyl soft-top roof and Ebony vinyl upholstery interior. The Basket on the rear is fully removable if not required. Her wire wheels were a popular option added to these cars at the factory – but few survive today… our car is very well restored to it’s original condition when it was rolled out of the factory, including its original wire-wheels.

Many flat, smooth surfaces for camera mounting and a clear boot area for sound equipment if required.

Triumph Spitfires have been used in such big productions as ‘The Professionals’, ‘National Security’ and ‘Heartbeart’ to name but a few.

No period production film or television show should be without a Spitfire due to how popular they were throughout the years and ours in particular looks fantastic on camera.

The car is available of Film, TV, Video, photoshoot and Action Car use.