1956 Cadillac Sedan-De-Ville Trivia

The 1956 Cadillac Sedan-de-Ville was the first four door pillarless sedan and a natural
development of the two-door Coupe-de-Ville.

The Cadillac Series 62 Coupe-de-Ville made its debut for the 1949 Model year as the first pillarless hard top coupe (along with sister makes the Buick Roadmaster Riviera and Oldsmobile 88 Holiday Coupe). Initially sales were slow only selling 2150 units, this doubled in 1950 (4507 units) and in 1951 increased again (10241 units) as the style and level of trim captured the public imagination. Looking like a convertible but in a hard-top form with a luxurious trim level and cheaper than the convertible General Motors had a success on their hands.

Launched for model year 1956 (October 1955) the high spec. four door version listing “autronic eye” self-dipping headlights, Hi-Fi radio, electric windows, six way power seats (up-down, back-forward, tilt forward-back) heaters feeding front and rear, power steering, power brakes and integral front fog lights. About the only extra was air-con and a record player (an auto-change record player, playing 45rpm records!).

With a myriad of paint and trim variations it worked out at a mind boggling 240 options
in the sales catalogue.

The car was an immediate success selling 41732 units in the first year, more than the main line Series 62 four door sedan Cadillac’s bread and butter luxury model.

Our cars home, Farmington Maine is the county seat of Franklin County Maine.

founded in 1794 after a successful saw mill attracted workers. Population in 2010: 7760.

The 2010 census also showed that for every seventy five males over the age of eighteen there are one hundred females over the age of eighteen and the average age in the town is thirty two – time to head for Farmington Maine lads!

One of the towns famous sons is Chester Greenwood (1858 to 1937), never heard of him?

Well, the next time you put on a pair of ear-muffs thank Chester, he invented and patented them in 1873 at the age of fifteen. He also invented and patented the whistling tea kettle, a steel toothed garden rake and a machine producing wooden spools for wire and thread. His factory producing the Ear Muffs provided jobs in Farmington for nearly sixty years.