These were purchased and used by MP’s, dignitaries, members of the royal family, governors and mayors. The standard limousine of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Generally used as a replacement for the post-war Humbers, the Princess came in a variety of guises and models, the DM4 being the most popular variant.

Ours is finished in Old English White bodywork, with cream leather upholstery to the rear and brown leather to the front – which is period correct. She also had very large are foot space area for equipment, and removable glass division.

Austin Princess DM4 Limousines have been used in countless period and in-period Film and TV programmes such as ‘Overkill’ and the ever popular ‘Open All Hours’. Our very car has only recently been used as a feature car in the mini-series ‘Thanks For The Memories’ with Thomas Wlaschiha from Game of Thrones and James Fleet from Vicar of Dibley.

The car is available of Film, TV, Video, photoshoot and Action Car use.