The replacement for the Austin Vanden-Plas DM4 variants for luxury executive travel, the Daimler DS series are the last of the coachbuilt limousines from the 1960’s right through to the 1990’s. Ours in finished in Old English White and with her large capacious original brown leather seats. The rear seat is six feet wide and has a huge cabin to further passengers and/or film and sound equipment.

This car in this same body style was used between 1968 until 1992, so with a number plate change it can be used for any production based in these eras.

Other Daimler DS 420’s have been used in such Films as: ‘James Bond – Casino Royale’ and ‘The World Is Not Enough’, plus TV Productions such as ‘HeartBeat’ and ‘Murder She Wrote’. As you can see – a wide space in time for production action car use in a variety of different scenarios.

The car is available of Film, TV, Video, photoshoot and Action Car use.