New Car 1969 Lincoln Continental Arrow Vintage Cars

New Car 1969 Lincoln Continental Arrow Vintage Cars

New Car Day!

Arrow Vintage Cars are exceptionally proud to offer this amazing 1969 Lincoln Continental MKIII (Mark 3) for Film, TV, and even Wedding Car Hire in Essex. Brought over from Ontario, Canada, by us earlier this year. Lots of really challenging work is going in to get this car back on the road and looking her best. ij fact we thought this is such an iconic 1960s style that we had to import it to here in the UK from Canada. We import Classic and Vintage cars from North America all the time. Two of our British Rolls-Royces are international imports in fact. For example, we restore all our cars in house, so you get to enjoy them for lower costs. That’s what sets us apart from our Essex Wedding Car competitors.

History of Lincoln Continental

The Lincoln Continental is a series of mid-sized and full-sized luxury cars produced by Lincoln, a division of the American automaker Ford Motor Company. The model line was introduced following the construction of a personal vehicle for Edsel Ford, who commissioned a Coachbuilt 1939 Lincoln-Zephyr convertible, developed as a vacation vehicle to attract potential Lincoln buyers. What would give the model line its name, the exterior European “continental” styling elements, including a rear-mounted spare tire.

For instance, In production for over 55 years across nine different decades, Lincoln has produced ten generations of the Continental. Within the Lincoln model line, the Continental has served several roles ranging from its flagship to its base-trim sedan. From 1961 to 1976, Lincoln sold the Continental as its exclusive model line. The model line has also gone on hiatus three times. 1949 to 1955, the nameplate was briefly retired. Continental is renamed the Lincoln Town Car to accommodate the 1982 seventh-generation Continental. After 2002, the Continental was retired, replaced by the Lincoln MKS in 2009; in 2017, the tenth-generation Continental replaced the MKS.

Our 1969 Lincoln Continental MkIII

Finished in Gold metallic paint with a Dark Sable vinyl roof and Metallic Gold “Nugget” leather interior. In fact, this car is the epitome of that American period. She seats five people in comfort and luxury. Deep shag-pile comfort completes the luxury American theme throughout. Powered by an eight litre V8 and drives like brand new. Because we carried out a thorough mechanical overhaul it transforms the drive. Staring in the latest 2023 Indiana Jones movie soon too!

For more information, please see the car’s page on our website here: 1969 Lincoln Continental