1956 Cadillac Wedding Car Cromwell Manor

1956 Cadillac Essex Wedding Car Trends Cromwell Manor

Essex Wedding Car Trends 2022

Essex Wedding Car Trends 2022. I’ve been watching the number of enquiries for each car we’ve been taking in here at Arrow Vintage Wedding Car Hire. The trends for the last 20 years have easily been that 1930s Vintage cars have been the most popular Bridal Wedding Cars that customers choose to hire. This year however, for the first time, we are seeing an increase in 1950s cars becoming more popular. For instance our 1953 Rolls Wraith Limousine has been the car that has received the highest number of quote requests this year so far. Because interest in our 1950s Rolls-Royces has increased, this has resulted in higher requests for our 1981 Daimler Limousine too.


In Summary

In summary… times are changing. As our customers get younger (born in the 1990s or early 2000s) as cars in turn get older. A 1950s car was only 30 years old in the 1980s – but now that car is over 60 years old. In the same way in the early 2000s our Vintage cars over 70 years, now they are all almost a century in age! The idea of an “old car” changes with the generations. And, as our cars ages increase – the audience that “knows” them becomes smaller as the years go by.

If you look at our Instagram Page Here, you’ll see that we are fortune enough to have numerous cars from the 1950s and newer. This means that for decades to come, we will still have an incredibly relevant fleet of Wedding Cars for Hire in Essex. If it means we have to adjust our collection of cars to meet trend changes, then we will. But not to the point of loosing our core base and foundations.

We will always be the largest, all owned, privately run Wedding Car company in Essex. Award Winning too!.


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