Music Video shoots 2020 and 2021

Leigh Tolhurst – Touch

We all like music, yeah? Of course we do. We all like a video to go with that music content, yeah? We do more so! Well, in July last year and February this year we were lucky enough to be part of two videos! The first was by artist Leigh Tolhurst with the track “Touch”. Set in an idyllic seaside town, it follows children playing in the sun that do not want it to end. In addition, our Volvo 240 estate as a main focal point throughout the video, so that the children’s parents were “faceless”. It was all filmed through one day on Southend Seafront, in Essex. Similarly friends of Leigh’s and his own daughter feature in the fantastic music promotional video. More music video shoots to come!

Leigh is independent, writes and produces his own music – and is completely self funded. A really talent and true inspiration. Our 1988 Volvo 240 GLT Estate action/picture car has proven popular this year. Furthermore, with the rise and rise of the 1980s Retrowave and the “Hipster” revolution, I’m not surprised!

Here’s a link to the Music Video: Leigh Tolhurst – Touch

Volvo 240 Music Video

Leigh Tolhurst Volvo 240 Music Video

Volvo 240 Estate Music Video

Leigh Tolhurst Volvo 240 Estate GLT Music Video









Good Health Good Wealth – Guinness

“R and Geez” is this particular band’s music genre. Have we have to say… it’s good! Their first hit single “Love Hangover” did amazingly well in the charts AND on YouTube! You can see their first video here: Good Heath Good Wealth – Love Hangover. This time we’re filming with our other Volvo Action car; our 1987 Volvo 740 GLE Saloon. The production team loved our (Luther TV Show used) light blue Volvo 740 picture car. Because of it’s 80s aesthetic, it fitted perfectly with the music video theme. For Instance, the filming location is full of long open countryside and vistas which really suits the car. Moreover, the “Guinness” Music video will be release shortly, We’ll let you know when right here!

Volvo 740 action music video car

Volvo 740 Music Video Good Health Good Wealth

Volvo 740 Music Video

Volvo 740 Music Video Good Health Good Wealth