Twitter has fast become both a useful tool and a good source of contacts for us in the Classic & Vintage car fraternity. We at Arrow Vintage Cars don’t yet have a company Twitter page as we are only a local operating company. But I (the company owner, Simon Browse) do have my own personal/professional Twitter page here: @Si_Browse.

I use this page to update my couple of thousand followers on the behind-the-scenes stuff. This can be restoration works on our Wedding Car collection here in Essex. Or even a new car we’re adding to the Classic or Wedding Car fleet. It can even be just opinions on the current Classic and Vintage Car trends. Usually, the page is used to give advise to others and as a method of direct contact to me from all over the world.

I’ve worked in the Classic Car industry for over 20yrs full time, not just running Arrow Vintage Cars. More updates of us can be found here by the way: . My professional page @Si_Browse has been incredibly useful to meet some fantastic people, both inside and outside the Wedding World.

Should I setup an Arrow Vintage Cars Tweet page? Let me know via any means.

Thanks so much for reading. Talk to you all soon.

Simon Browse Twitter

Simon Browse Twitter Arrow Vintage Wedding Cars